Carnival in Cologne (Part 2)

I know it´s extremely late to post another Carnival in Cologne post, but I just got all of the photos and they´re amazing, so I really want to show them to you.

This was the Parade, called “Veedels-Zoch” (Cologne for: District-Parade) on Sunday. At first we walked all the way to where the people of the parade were getting ready. There was no such thing a stress anywhere in sight, everyone was really relaxed and getting ready without any hurry. Cologne Carnival Street

cologne carnival parade 2016 prepare

We got interviewed by a German TV station about the security in Cologne and the parade tomorrow which was being thought about cancelling it, since there was a huge a storm coming. I said I feel safe and the parade was going to take place, which indeed did happen!

cologne carnival parade 2016

Then we got to see a famous Band from Cologne perform for the TV and the people watching around, which was us as we were standing right behind then, so amazing!

Then the parade started. After about one hour it started raining, everybody got out their umbrellas and nothing changed in the way the people cheered and smiled. The atmosphere was just incredible. The same songs were played over and over and the costumes were just so creative and amazing. I totally loved everything. Here´s a selection of a few of my favorites! They have one thing in common: Each and every photo is colorful. That´s one of the many reasons I loved it so much. All that color, happiness and fun! Hope you enjoy the pictures and much as I enjoyed the Parade!

Colorful Cologne Carnival Parade
This one was probably my favorite. These people walked normally and with the legs hanging from the bench it just looked so freaking cool and crazy!

Cologne Carnival

Carnival Cologne Parade.jpg

carnival cologne 2016 parade costumes

cologne carnival 2016 parade costumes colorful fun

carnival cologne 2016 truck

colorful carnival cologne 2016 parade

When the parade ended after roughly two hours, everyone went their way again, most of them to a near-by bar. It was a colorful play of costumes.

Carnival Cologne .jpg

Cologne Carnival Colorful

Colorful Cologne Carnival

That was how our stay in Cologne ended.

XO Little Sunshine

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