The Sunday Currently No. 2

Another Sunday Currently coming at´ya. Hope you enjoy! Let me know if you like these kinds of posts and I´ll be sure to do them more often!



The Life List, again…


not so much, sadly. I wish I could write more…especially on my book. I haven´t written a word in three weeks, that is more than depressing…


some meal prepping.

meal prepping healthy protein fitness sunday


“Vois sur ton chemin” I still have that song stuck in my head from the concert of my singing school yesterday.


to wonder, if things will ever get better.


To Britney Spears.


About what to do next on my to-do list. And about which Bikini I should buy…I have a few in mind!


my Yoga mat. Wierd, I know, but my mat does smell and I´m about to do Yoga..


for some time to breathe.


to finish a 10k race in one hour. Yay!! I just signed up for my first ever run!


my pink and black sport pants and a blue hoodie.


My singing lessons.


Some time for myself. No work, just me. That´s not going to happen too fast, I´m afraid.


courage to call somebody. Poem about just that should be up tomorrow, if you´re interested in reading it…


My head-ache. Bed´s calling, but I still need to do so much….


around Instagram. I love all things food, fitness and yoga related. Like amazing poses in amazing locations…wanderlust saying hi…


What are you currently doing?


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Hey there beautiful people of the internet! I am a young student studying Biochemistry in Germany and blogging as I travel the world in my free time. I have a passion for all things travel, fitness, books and getting to know the lives of people from all over the world. I blog mostly about my travels, honestly and openly sharing my experiences. Sometimes I sprinkle a little bit of Fitness content in there as well, as I am also a certified personal trainer. So come join me in the ride that is this weird and crazy thing called life. I'm happy to have you here :) XO Little Sunshine

2 thoughts on “The Sunday Currently No. 2

  1. Love it! Hope you get some me-time soon. I’m currently watching a TV series with a friend. So fun! We enjoyed a day off for an Aussie public holiday so it’s been nice. Love those pictures of amazing poses too! Flexibility is amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you my dear friend!
      Fun! What series are you watching? That´s so amazing! So glad you´re doing well!
      They´re amazing. I hope I can soon do them! Yes, flexibility is really fun and I LOVE IT!! XOXO


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