Yoga Update – Arm Balances

I have some great news: I´m only three days into the May Arm Balance Challenge and I´m already blowing my own mind at what my body can do. Seriously, a year ago I couldn´t even do a whole push up. Four months ago I worked myself up to fifteen push ups. That´s when I started to try to practice Bakasana, the crow pose, or rather trying to do it. The first two months I never succeeded in holding it longer than five seconds and I fell hard some times (literally). Then a bit later I started Kayla Itsines Fitness Program working on my arms with her workouts, pushing me to levels I never thought I´d get to. Then I managed to do the crow. (If you want to read all about my journey to getting into Bakasana read this) I saw amazing pictures of arm balances which looked so hard and impossible to do all over Instagram (Find me on Instagram here). I told myself I was going to be able to do those poses in a few years or so. Well one day I just said “screw it” and attempted at some of those poses. I was blown away at how it wasn´t easy, of course I didn´t expect it to be, but at how doable it was. Holding it longer than ten seconds is still a struggle, but I´m holding it. I got into it! I´m talking about this pose: A variation of the side crow.

yoga-side-crow pose
Photo Credit: Google

Looks so crazy right. But if you have basic arm strength then it is totally doable.

With all the Yoga Challenges in May starting on Instagram, I decided to go for the “May Arm Balance” challenge, since my goals this year include a lot of arm balances. So said and done, here I am struggling at day four, but practicing and getting better. Day one to three was amazing. I know, only three days, but without this challenge I´d have never gotten even close to thinking I could do this pose.

yoga lizard pose challenge nature.jpg
The flying lizard pose.

But I can! And it feels so incredibly amazing. Of course there is much to improove here, like getting my leg straighter, but keep in mind that this was the second ever day I did this pose, so I think it looks pretty good…not to brag…just a fact;-P

No seriously guys, I´ll show you some more pictures of the poses, but what the message is here is that YOU CAN DO ANYTHING WITH HARD WORK, DEDICATION AND LOVE. That´s what I´m telling you and me all along. I´ll be posting a post on the three steps to being successful in life tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Now to some more pictures!

side bakasana crow pose yoga.jpg
Side Bakasana, side crow

yoga arm balance pose eka pada koudinyasana

As you can see I am struggeling. My feet aren´t touching the ground, but I can´t get them higher just yet and I was holding poses for fifteen minutes straight before this picture was taken…. This pose is called the eda pada koudinasana. In black and white, just for fun…

There you go. The first four days.

Day one was Bakasana:

bakasana crow pose yoga lake genova swissland

Day 2 was Side Bakasana:

side bakasana crow pose yoga challenge arm balance.jpg

Day 3 was Flying Lizard:

yoga lizard pose challenge nature.jpg

Day 4 was Eda Pada Koudinyasana:

eka pada koudinyasana yoga pose arm balance

Day 5 is Eka Pada Koudinyasana:

eka pada koudinyasasa yog psoe.jpg

It´s supposed to look like this, but I just can´t hold it longer than one second before I crash down to the ground…also with having my legs halfway bent…I´ll have to practice. Photo Credit: Pinterest

Practice makes perfect!

Or at least better.

On to the next days. I´ll keep you up to date!

XO Little Sunshine

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16 thoughts on “Yoga Update – Arm Balances

  1. I am doing Kayla Itsines Fitness Program right now! 🙂 So great to find someone, who is on the same journey! I absolutely love it! I really have to push myself, but on the other hand it is so rewarding. However, I just wanted to let you know that after reading through your life list and then happening to come to this page, I decided to do a little yoga, too. I always wanted to and your page gave me the little push that I needed so badly. So thank you. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That´s amazing! What week are you in?
      I absolutely loved the workouts as well! They are really short, but super intense and really do work:-) I know when I pushed myself past my limits it was freakin´hard, but afterwards..the feeling was irreplacable!
      That is the most amazing thing I´ve heard today:-) you just made me smile so broadly! Thank you for telling me I inspired you. That is so amazing! Hope you enjoyed it a lot! 🙂 Namaste

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I am in my third week of her workouts now. I know it doesn’t sound really far down the road, but I do every single workout three times. It’s simply great! Also, I have been on the journey of yoga for a week now. It’s the best way to start the day if you ask me! 🙂


        1. I´m sure you can!
          No, I don´t think so. It took me five months, two months stretching consistently…and believe me when I say I was inflexible. I really was. Plus: it doesn´t matter where you start, as long as you start! Go you!

          Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha thaaank you:-)
      I kinda don´t want to ruin your opinion of me…buuut those jeans have a lot of stretch in them…that´s the secret;-) they´re my all-time favorite jeans by the way, I wear them all the time! Haha!

      Liked by 1 person

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