An Evening Walk through Cluny, France

I spent two days visiting Cluny and it´s surroundings before easter this year. I´m finally catching up with my posts on it. So here we go, the first evening:

After a long eight hours of getting there, we went for a walk through this beautiful town, that is called Cluny.

cluny easter flowers

…Easter vibes.

abbey cluny what´s left

Cluny´s Abbey was from 910 AD until 1520 AD, when the dome in Rome was built, the biggest church/abbey in the world. It was destroyed partly by Napoleons army in 1810. There is only a tiny bit left of what was once the biggest church in the world. You can see it pretty well on this picture. This plate in the front is about two meters wide and three fifty meters broad. On the illustration this little piece is the gold rectangle at the bottom. What is left is one of the towers. You can see it on the right, both in the illustration and on my photograph. Maybe you can imagine now how gigantic this church was.

cluny church big abbey of cluny

There is a museum you can visit. In the same building there is a school of art. Such architecture…just breathtaking.

abbaye du cluny architecture

I found this building worthy of a photograph as well. It really illustrates the way the building in this region of Burgundy look like.

cluny architecture houses house

Down town Cluny is original, small and so cute.

cluny street houses

streets of cluny photography

The doors are so damn cute as well. Looks like an entry to fairy land. Or an old beauty salon… It would look even better if the trash bin were somewhere else…

door cluny blue beauty

The shops are incredibly cute and ancient as well. Just look at this book shop. Wouldn´t you want to be in there all day?!

anciens livres book shop cluny france

After enjoying the city and taking in the charm of the city, we went to have dinner at the “La Nation” (21 Rue Lamartine, 71250 Cluny) in the center of the city. The food was very, very good.

full moon cluny france night abbey romantic photography

After dinner we headed back to our hotel, only to find the moon almost full, peaking up behind the school of art. I´m pretty happy my camera captured the moment so well. It was really magical.

cluny hotel room white chic style interior design

We slept in this beautiful room in our Bed´n´Breakfast called “Aux Portes d´honneur”. The interior design of this little apartment was extraordinary beautiful and chic. We slept very well.

Hope you enjoyed this little stroll with me through Cluny. More pictures of the following day will be up tomorrow so stay tuned!

XO Little Sunshine

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