Life Update: My Surgery

Sadly, I have another thing to update you all on.

Last Friday I had an emergency surgery.

I´m not allowed to do anything for the next week except lay in bed, watch TV, read and write. Which are some great things, but I guess you know I love to move, do sport and sweat. Well I´m not allowed to do that for almost two months. I am allowed to take small walks from next week on, but not more. Until then rest in bed.

My summer vacation has been shortened and I´m more than happy that I didn´t need to cancel the whole thing. My doctor was quite pleased at how fast I´d already recovered after a few days that he agreed to let me go on holiday. I had to promise to keep things at a very minimum. Meaning only little walking/exploring, a lot of sitting and no sport or exertion whatsoever.

What happened was I had a little stomach ache for a couple of days. It wasn´t too bad. I lived with it, thinking I might have pulled a muscle. Well after a few days one evening I noticed a wierd thing on my tummy, so I decided to go to the doctor in the morning.

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I ate a wonderfully filling porridge before that. It was good Luck that I didn´t eat or drink anything afterwards – I am usually the biggest eater and the amount of water I drink is abnormal. On this day I didn´t drink or eat anything, not even after being sent to hospital where I had a few inspections, before I was told that if everything worked out, I´d be able to get operated today.

Wait, whaaaat?!!?

Yep. My summer vacation is cancelled. The doctor also forbid me to go outside in the first week back home. I should watch TV and lay in my bed. Then slowly I´d be allowed to take tiny walks.

Six weeks almost no movement!

Do you know how fun it is to move?!

It´s for my best. Sure. Okay, I get it.
I´ll stop behaving like a little kid.

Just because I hadn´t eaten anything after my porridge in the morning, I could go into surgery in the afternoon. Until then I got a lot of wonderful texts and phone calls from friends and family wishing me all the best.

flowers close up pink beautiful 1617 Sunshine Ave
I got wonderful flowers as a “get well” gift. They look and smell so lovely!

When the time arrived, I was ready. I was calm and relaxed. Don´t ask me why. I just found peace with my situation, accepted my circumstances. It was pretty weird as before I was totally flabbergasted, not really adjusting to the situation.

The surgery went well.

It took longer than expected and my tummy situation was also worse than expected.

I woke up out of my anesthesia, ate a soup and went straight to sleep again.

The next day a very close friend came to visit me. Just her presence healed something in me. I felt the strength I had lost during the surgery return. I could smile again. I could even laugh. Although that hurt my stomach.

In the afternoon I had an appointment with the doctor. He couldn´t belive his eyes seeing me already feeling so much better.

After checking if everything was fine, he even allowed me to go on half my summer vacation. But that, I already told you.

I am now feeling a lot better.

Maybe in this time I have the chance to halfway finish my book… who knows!

But I defnititely have enough time in the morning to get creative with my breakfasts;-)

breakfast banana split 1617 sunshine ave littlesunshine01.jpg
The banana split I enjoyed this morning.

XO Little Sunshine


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