A night in Paris

Yesterday another trip through France began for me in the city of love itself, in Paris!

We arrived in the city of love at 5pm. The first person we talked to when we got there was a very nice, très gentil Monsieur who recommended us good restaurants to eat. We checked in our hotel after having already crossed the whole town by underground getting from the train station to our hotel.

The second sight that made me smile was a man, around the age of thirty, standing on the sidewalk, leant against his yellow bike, reading a book. In the middle of Paris. And in the middle of the side-walk. Just like that. Ca, c´est Paris, non?

Alors…excusez-moi, my fingers want to write this in French as my head is slowly adjusting to the language, but you probably wouldn´t understand that, would you? Comment below if you speak French! Thumbs up to you!
Now, I´ll just give my best in writing this in English.

As we only had a single night to spend in Paris, we wanted to make sure we got the most out of it.

Feel free to take this as inspiration on how to spend the perfect night in paris!


Our first stop was les Invalides, a hospital for the veterans of the war, as well as the tomb of Napoléon in a kind of Mausoleum. There was a pretty large green space outside of it, where a bunch of people were sitting. If one day, I live in Paris, you now know where to find me;-) although I´d probably be spending my time in rather small green spaces in the city or cute cafés… nevermind that, I´m just dreaming over here.

les invalides paris france guide a night in paris.jpg

The Seine was also a must-see on my list of things to do on this evening, so we just walked a few meters further onto the pont d´Alexandre III.

statues of paris pont d'alexandre 3 paris france tips must-see

On which we had a beautiful view over the Seine and also parts of la tour Eiffel. We couldn´t help but take a lot of pictures there. It was just so breathtaking, the sun reflecting on the river with the Eiffel tower in the back.

la seine paris pont d´alexandre 3 france

pont d'alexander bridge of alexandre paris france must-see photography snapshots of paris
Just having a bit of fun giving this angel his deserved halo;-)

We weren´t the only ones using this place for a few photos. There was also a couple taking wedding photos. Gosh, those photos are probably drop dead gorgeous.

The next stop was supposed to be the Champs Élysées. But we kind of got lost a bit. Which was so amazing, since we walked through the most ostentatious and pompous streets.

les rues de paris the streets of paris 1617 sunshine ave

Where I had a ton of fun photographing details, fun angles or just playing around with the scenery…

photography of architecture in paris france

photography of nature and architecture in paris france

Aaand I found la maison du Christian Dior by accident. We were walking past and I just pointed out a Dior shop being weirdly reminded of the way the doors looked. Sounds crazy probably, but I saw the movie “Dior et moi” in which the house of Dior was shown and I also remembered it was in Paris.

atelier of christian doir fashion haute couture paris france
The doors and the building are iconic, don´t you think?!

In the first story of the house there were also these mannequins which got me more certain that this was actually the house of Dior.

mannequin de christian dior atelier paris france haute couture fashion

Turns out I´m right. The whole building and the building opposite are all part of la maison du Christian Dior, in which still all the Dior clothes are made. So cool, right?! This is definitely a must-see for every fashionista out there travelling to Paris.

la maison du christian dior paris france 1617 sunshine ave a night in paris

We finally found les Champs Élysées and took a bunch of really cool photos there.

les champs élysées paris france a night in paris 1617 sunshineave

It was getting late and we really needed food. Yep, I´m a big foodie. So we took the métro to Boulevard Diderot from where we walked a bit until we decided on a place to eat.

There were several really cute French brasseries, in which I´m going to eat on another stay in Paris. We chose a Thai place to eat, just because we´ll have a lot of French food from now on and were craving something with a lot of vegetables.

The place was called MmeShawn and is located in 23 rue Paul Bert. We had pâtes (noodles – you´re learning a bit of French here;-)) with a lot of veggies and a wonderfully, light and aromatic rosé and a rather heavy red wine to go with that.

food photography in paris france eating thai food

A dream of mine has always been seeing the Eiffel Tower at night. I always imagined it really beautiful and romantic. Eventhough I was dressed a little too light and it was defnititely cooling down, we took le métro to Trécadero, a place were a lot of post card shots of the Eiffel Tower were taken. Also a place of thievery and tourists. I do admit that I am part of the second group.
Anyways, we went there and when I saw la tour Eiffel… my breath was taken. Literally. I was exclaiming at it´s beauty like a little kid in front a candy shop. I admit it. But it was just so incredibly breathtaking, beautiful, stunning… there´s a difference when you see it in person, than if you look at it on pictures. But nevertheless here is a picture I took.

la tour eiffel the eiffel tower france paris 1617 sunshine ave

That was the last view of the day. We drove back to our hotel and had a good nights rest.

Have you ever been to Paris? Please do share your experiences, tips and fun/funny/exciting stories with us in the comments below! J Looking forward to hearing from you!

XO Little Sunshine

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