Travel Diary: Feeling the Ocean – La Rochelle and the enchanting Île de Ré

The couple of days I spent in La Rochelle, France which is located right at the Atlantic Ocean, were amazing. (View the first day of my France trip here – psst, it´s a post about Paris, and my second day in La Rochelle is linked here!)

Since the city of La Rochelle is located at the water, we really felt the Ocean here. In the Musée Maritim and at the beach on the Île de Ré.

île de ré atlantic water beach 1617 sunshine ave.jpg
The Atlantic at the Île de Ré.

The beaches in La Rochelle aren´t that beautiful, as we learned from locals. Everyone drives over to the Isle called Île de Ré, just a few kilometers away. If you use the bridge and go by car it will cost you 16 Euros to go there. But if you´re cross the bridge by bus it will only cost you 2 Euros. Whatever you like better.

flower picture shot photography île de ré france
These flowers can be found everywhere on the island. I find them just gorgeous!

Fun fact: This enchanting island was setting of the french movie “Alceste à bicyclette”.
The architecture of this island is simple and beautiful: white one-story houses with red roofs and colorful window shutters.

île de ré france architecture photography

architecture of the île de ré france atlantic white houses pine trees photography

On the Île de Ré we spent a few days at the beach and in the water. Those few days took away any negativity and stress that was still within me. I could completely relax, refuel, be happy and just live the moment here.

atlantic beach île isle de ré france diary towel photography art shot
An artsy shot of my towel at the beach

I wasn´t allowed to swim, due to my surgery, but I felt so blessed, thankful and happy just being in the water. I literally walked in, stood there a while, moving my legs and arms a bit, since the water can get a little chilly, and walked back out again… sounds funny, but it was really my soul which got refueled just being the water.

atlantic beach île de ré photography life
This is all I need. Literally.

Here are a few impressions of the beach called Bois Plage. (This is a little insider tip. This beach has the most gorgeous water!!)

life at the atlantic beach of île de ré france bois plage diary
The bois plage is huuuuge! This is a look in one direction…

And of the very beautiful island. Trust me, I will return here. To swim and surf. Things I wasn´t able to do this time, but there will be another time. This is too beautiful not to return to!

bois plage île de ré france diary atlantic water beach life photography
…and this the look in the other direction.

We also felt the ocean very closely when we visited the musée maritim. It´s a little museum located at the old harbor.

ships in harbor france la rochelle musée museum maritim photography
The old harbor.
musée maritim la rochelle france ship reflection in the water
So many wonderful yachts…make me want to get onto one and tour the world…dreaming over here…

In the little exhibition you can see and read about the history of La Rochelle (I summed up the most important points in this post). In specifically about the trade and fishing. You can also visit a fishing ship from the outside and another huge ship which was used methodologically for the weather forecast.

musée maritim la rochelle france harbor photography

I found this one very interesting and highly fascinating. Mostly due to a book I read by Jojo Moyes, called Ship of Brides (review will be up soon) which plays on a war ship that is constructed similarly. I was able to picture what happened in the book much better after visiting this ship. It really came to life that way, which was totally amazing for me. Here a few of the hundred pictures I took.

musée maritim jojo moyes ship of brides
A higher officers room.
regular passenger bunk room ship of brides jojo moyes la rochelle.jpg
A classic passengers bunk and room..very simple..
a look up from a big ship jojo moyes ship of brides musée maritim la rochelle france
A look up from deck…
perspective side shot of meterological ship la rochelle france.jpg
..and a look at the side of the ship.

I really hope you enjoyed this post and it´s pictures. I´d really love to know if you have already read Jojo Moyes-The ship of brides and if you liked it!? Looking forward to your comments:-)

XO Little Sunshine
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12 thoughts on “Travel Diary: Feeling the Ocean – La Rochelle and the enchanting Île de Ré

    1. Oh well…just a bit…:-) oh wow! That´s so sweet. I´m glad my post make you dream! In dreams everything is more positive.
      Thank you! I am feeling a lot better already. My recovery is going really well, the doctors are very positive.
      Hope you are enjoying life as well!? XO

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      1. Am so glad that your recovery is going on so well! And reading your trip around the world is amazing, its a fantasy that you have managed to fulfill. So happy for you! And am doing so great myself, every moment is a gift. Thanks!

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