How to throw the perfect Christmas Party in Summer (just because)

I know what you´re all thinking. Is she going crazy? We´re all mentally 100% in Summer and she´s thinking about Christmas?! Well for a matter of fact I am.

I have to confess that my christmas spirit is higher in Summer or Fall than when Christmas is actually happening. Sounds so weird right? But I guess that´s just how I roll. In Summer and Fall I have a ton of things on my plate, yes, but not  as much as in Winter around Christmas time. That´s where the amount of work I have get´s tremendous…does anyone feel me?

So when I hear Christmas songs in July, August or September I really get into the spirit, but with all of the BBQs and Summer party´s happening around this time of year why not change it up a bit and throw a Christmas themed party in July/August/September?!

I´m here to show you exactly how you can do that.


Let´s start with invitations. First write down everyone who you want to share this cozy bash with. Done? Great, now let´s get to inviting them. No, a text message won´t do. You´re doing this the cute way;-)

Paperless Post, who contacted me about writing this post and pretty much gave me the idea (btw.not sponsored!), has a ton of super adorable Christmas cards you can send your loved ones and people you´d like to celebrate with you! Check them out!

Now that we´ve invited everyone, let´s deck these halls!

(This girl sure know how to sing and dance..)

First off, pick a color scheme. I know that around the Christmas time there are so many different color schemes to go for. I usually can´t decide and end up going for the same colors every year- green, red and lots of glitter… -, but y´know they work, so I´m not changing my game too soon. But you feel free to go for whatever you want to.

Got your colors in mind? Great, let´s do this. I have a few little DIYs for you to decorate your halls (and table).

Set your table in style

When setting your table try to keep everything in one color scheme. That way things look put together and super cute;-) I chose this red and white plate, a green napkin and a red place mat.

how to set your table for a christmas party 1617 sunshine ave

Cozy decor 

As you can see in the background, I chose to add some candles to the table for that cozy feel, as well as regular christmas bags filled with a bottle of wine or christmas ornaments.

Cute placement cards

You want your guests to know where to sit, right? Here are three cute ways you can make your placement cards more christmasy!

  1. James: Just doodle or sketch something little on a cardboard card or paper cut out. I sketched a Sandman on a towel at a beach where snowman props are swimming around.
  2. Lucy: Just cut out triangular shapes from glitter paper and stick them on the sides. Doodle some stars to fill in some blank space on top or at the bottom of the card.
  3. Sarah: Cut out little  rectangles from christmas wrapping paper or glitter paper. Draw a line and ribbon to make it look like a christmas gift.

place cards christmas in summer party 1617 sunshine ave

Gift wall decor

For this simply wrap a canvas or any pictures you have on your walls with Christmas wrapping paper for hanging Christmas gifts!

wrapped present canvas picture christmas in summer party diy 1617 sunshine ave

Lighting, lighting, lighting…and glitter! 

What kind of party would this be if there weren´t any christmas lights around! Hang ´em up and add a christmas garland for some extra christmas feels!(You can leave out the glitter part, if you think that´s too much…for me, I just really like glitter….)

Last but not least: Tie some string onto christmas ornaments and hang them up. On your windows, walls or even on your lights!

Things are lookin´ pretty cozy and just overall perfect! Well done! 

Now let´s move onto food. Or rather how to make the perfect snacks. Of course, you can always make your favorite christmas cookies, but I´m here to show you oh-so-yummy treats, which are good for you (!) and we´re using fruit and veggies of this wonderful sunny season! Let´s get cookin´, shall we?

Watermelon Christmas Trees 

christmas snacks healthy watermelon  tree july august

Watermelons are the perfect summer snack, but today we´re spicing them up and making them look like super cute Christmas Trees!
Start with cutting your watermelon in half lengthwise. Repeat cutting the pieces in half until you have thin little watermelon “boats”. Now cut those into triangles, simply starting at one side and working your way to the other side. When you´ve got all your triangles laid out in front of you, cut two rectangles out of the green skin from each side revealing the “trunk” of the Christmas tree!

Now melt some chocolate and sprinkle it over your trees for decoration and if you like add little berries for ornaments. Let dry and your all done!

healthy christmas party snacks in july august watermelon trees easy

Fruit Cookies

christmas snacks watermelon in july august party easy healthy

All you do here is cut out Christmas shapes with cookie cutters out of watermelon/banana/any fruit you like slices. If you want to decorate them with chocolate or berries! That´s it. Super easy and super cute!

christmas snacks in july august party healthy easy

You can have fun with those cut outs. Why not exchange watermelon star cut outs with banana stars?!

easy healthy christmas party snacks in july august

Fruit Santa’s 

christmas party diy snacks in july august healthy santa sticks

We´re making fruit Santa’s next!! Don´t they look just so adorable!?! And these too are super easy to make.
Start with cutting the left-over watermelon into hat shapes and sticking them onto little satay sticks or just wood sticks from the grocery store. Add a little berry or marshmallow on top and a banana slice on the other side. For the santa faces you can either cut plums in half like I did or use a big grape. Lay out all your santa faces and take the left-over chocolate to give them eyes. Super cute! Before you eat them, please take a photo, tag me in your photo and use the hashtag #christmaswithalittlesunshine and #sunnychristmas so I can see your recreations on IG! (My IG is @littlesunshine01)

christmas snacks santa claus sticks healthy july august

Veggie/Cheese Christmas Tree Plate

For this cute plate take veggies of your choice, I chose cucumbers and radishes, and layer them on a plate to form a Christmas tree. I cut out a star and a trunk out of radish slices to finish my tree!
You can do the same thing with cheese, herbs and tomato. Looks super cute and is perfect for a snack before of after a meal or just like that on bread!

christmas party snacks healthy tree july august

Your guests will enjoy the best seasonal, super adorable food at your party!

But you don´t want them drying out. We still need drinks. Don´t worry I got you covered.

Melted Snowmen

Just fill a large glass with water or you can even take regular bottles of water and put on your labels.

melted snowman drinks christmas in summer 1617sunshineave

To make your labels start with a blank label or a paper cut out. Simply doodle, draw or sketch on: ” Melted snowman”. I added an actual melted snowman just for fun. Do whatever you think looks good. Stick them onto your water bottles or glasses and you´re done!

And no…we´re not drinkin´ Olaf..only his friends…;-)


You´re all ready. The guests may arrive. Don´t forget to greet them with a warm and hearty smile and hug!

That is how you throw a Christmas Party in Summer! Merry Christmas in Summer!!!

XO Little Sunshine

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3 thoughts on “How to throw the perfect Christmas Party in Summer (just because)

  1. I loooove this idea!! I love Christmas and summer so putting them together is awesome! Thank you for sharing this great idea! 🙂


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