DIY Back to School/Work Supplies (+free printables!)

So back to school is upon a lot of us and though I know that many of you aren´t going back to school, I still decided on writing this post on designing , customizing and DIYing Folders; Binders, Notebooks, Agendas…whatever you use for school or work. These ideas work for literally anything. Whether it is your work planner you want to pimp up or your folder where you keep all your blogging inspiration and ideas in. You can use old folders you have lying around and make them into your favorite folders ever!

These are all ideas for making whatever you´re working with look amazing from the outside.


Aaand… when I decorate the planner or binder I´m working with in a cute way, it makes me want to use it. Work with it. Look at it. It makes me happy, inspired and motivated to work just looking at the cover.

Here are my top three ways to DIY your work/school supplies!

1. Dreamy Obré Henna Design

DIY back to school work supplies .jpg

I saw something similar in a DIY video I watched a year back. I remembered that video this year when I just got a notebook for on-the-go when I get ideas for blog posts and I wanted to decorate the cover.

What you´ll need:

  • White Paper
  • Acrylic Paint or Water Color
  • a sponge brush or sponge
  • a regular black pen
  • plastic wrap
  • glue, scissors

Here´s how to proceed: What you want to do is trace the outside cover – front and back – of whatever you´re using, say your notebook, on a large white piece of paper. Taking acrylic paint mixed with a lot of water, dab a sponge brush in it and apply dapping onto your paper. You can use whatever colors you like, whatever pattern you prefer. What I did on both my notebooks was use more color and less water on one end of the paper and fading it out, adding water as I went. I did the same thing with the other color I used and let everything dry. Then I searched for henna designs online and with a black pen free-handedly drew a design I liked onto my paper.

I stuck the finished paper on the notebook and covered everything with a specific plastic wrap to keep it dry in case I accidentally get water or anything on there. This step I recommend for whatever you choose to put on your folder.

2. Minimalistic Motivation Quotes

diy school supplies customize your binders folders fun cute craft

This is very simple, very minimalistic, but chic and totally motivational…since we´re using motivational quotes…duh…

What you need:

  • your favorite quote printed out
  • glue
  • plastic wrap

All you do is choose whatever quote you want to put onto your binder/folder/…There are many quotes out there. Choose one that you feel connected with. Then you edit it(I like to use picmonkey), print it and stick it on. And voilà!

Stick the finished design onto your binder/folder/… and cover everything with plastic wrap.

The quotes I put onto my notebooks, I have for you here. As little free printable. All you do is click and save your quote, print and voilá! You´re very welcome!

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3. Collage

diy school work supplies customize your planner folders
My planner from 2015. “Geheimnis” is a german word and means “secret”.

This is a classic and still one of my favorites!

What you need:

  • Magazines/Pictures/..
  • Glue, scissors
  • plastic wrap
  • creativity;-)

It´s fairly simple: All you do is get magazines, print out photos, cut out what inspires you or what you find beautiful and arrange to make a collage. I like to glue my collages onto paper before attaching them to my folder.

I finished with sticking the finished design on my planner and covering everything with plastic wrap.

Those are my top three ways to customize and DIY your own planners/notebooks/folders… hope you enjoyed!
If you did, let me know by commenting and liking, so I know whether to do another post like this!

Tell me in the comments if you´re going back to school or if you´ll try these for work! (If you do, snap a picture of it and tag me in your IG photo, or send it to me via mail! I´d love to see your recreations!) Until next time, Happy Friday!!!

XO Little Sunshine

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