A look out the window: Driving through the Périgord, France + a little history lesson

The Périgord is located in the south-west of France and is part of the Departement Dordogne*. It´s a wonderful ancient region with beautiful scenery, also known for it´s mild climat and good food! On our France trip we drove from La Rochelle to Sarlat-la-Canéda, right through the different parts of the Périgord.


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The Périgord vert (green) is an undulating area located in the North of the Region. The climate is more moist than in the other parts and resembles that of adjacent Region Limousin more than the Rest of the Périgord.

The climate here is perfect for cultivating Sunflowers. We saw huge fields everywhere, one bigger than the next one. Just a dream view for me…;-)

vert périgord france a drive through France a look out the window sunflower field .jpg

The majority of the Sunflower Fields were already done blooming, but some were stubborn and remained wonderfully yellow!

In this part there was one little cute village on a tiny hill next to another cute ancient village on a tiny hill. Every village had it´s own ancient church, which was mostly between 800 and 600 years old.

Moving on to the Périgord blanc. This was pretty much the transitional zone between the Périgord vert and noir. The little patches of dark trees start to get bigger, the fields turned from sunflower to corn and now every sunflower field left was wilted.

The Périgord noir – now that was a drastic change in scenery. There were no more fields, or now very small ones, still some hills, but you only knew there were hills because you drove up and down. When we looked left and right all we could see were dark woods made up of pine and oak trees.

Périgord noir France Dordogne nature photography

The temperature was still around 35 degrees celsius, which was darn exhausting, but we had airconditon… 😉 Another thing that changed was that the sky started changing to grey.

Oh and we crossed the river Dordogne* a few times.

We arrived in Sarlat-la-Canéda in the evening, but that is a whole other story – for a future post!

*To finish off this post here is a little history lesson for you on why the Region is called Périgord and the Departement Dordogne. With this in mind, you can understand a lot more about France the next time you visit or just about when you finished reading this!

In the middle ages the country called France didn´t yet exist, or rather the French King wasn´t King of the whole of France (in the measures of today), but of the North. In those times there were different Regions, like Aquitaine, Périgord or Languedoc-Roussillon. These made up the country that is now called France.

France Diary of a France trip through the Périgord France nature photography history lesson

Ever since the French Revolution the Rulers of France tried to rule it from Paris in an effort to control everything. In order to have full control, the regions were abolished, renamed and resized into Departements, which weren´t supposed to be the same as the Regions, but totally different. The thought behind that was that the people weren´t supposed to identify themselves with their Region, but with Paris and the whole of France.
The names of the Departemtents were mostly the Names of Rivers running through the area, so that the names of the ancient Regions, the ones that had always been there, would be forgotten.

The Périgord was one of those Regions, which was transferred into the Department now called “Dordonge“.

There you have it. Now you know a lot more about the Dordogne, the Périgord and France!

Hope you enjoyed it and maybe learned a thing or two! Happy Sunday!

XO Little Sunshine

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10 thoughts on “A look out the window: Driving through the Périgord, France + a little history lesson

  1. I love your France posts and stories that go along with them! This region here I have not been to. Hopefully I get to visit the area some day, if for no other reason than seeing these magnificent sunflower fields! Happy Sunday to you too, Sunshine! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope in the mean time of me not answering your wonderful comment, you decided to get your trip to the Perigord from pending to booked;-)
      The region is absolutely wonderful! If you love nature and history this is the place for you! Personally, I find that if one say Paris and another big city, one has not seen France. This country is so diverse and full of different facettes, that one just has to experience by seeing as much of it as possible, and by driving through the country side and stopping here and there is the best way to do it in my opinion!
      Thanks for your nice comment and please forgive me for not answering…
      XO Little Sunshine
      PS: Where in France have you been to already?


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