3 insanely easy steps to living in the moment

Our time is now. Our time is here. Right this very moment.

I feel like those are lyrics to a song. And if not, they should be. I should write that song… maybe not..anyways. Speaking of lyrics…

If they are not the lyrics of your song. Your life. Your moment…then you should rewrite some of your life´s lyrics.

I´m here to help you. This post is a three-step guide on how to cherish and live in the moment. Enjoy!

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Step 1

Stop thinking too much


Let all your thoughts go and breathe in the moment.

Sounds super hard, I know. I myself am one of the biggest thinkers. I over think, rethink and think about everything at the same time. My head is a constant buzz of thoughts. But when you´re stuck in your own little world inside of you, you tend to not notice what is happening around you.

Breathing helps. Breathe in the air and breathe out your thoughts. Breathe in and smell the air. Is is crisp? Heavy? Does it have a scent? A vanilla scent candle maybe?

Using your senses helps. Feel the ground you´re standing on. Is it even? Soft? Are you standing on a rug? In grass?

Now look around. Imagine stepping outside of your brain and seeing your surroundings.

Imagine you are seeing what is around you for the first time.

Step 2

Embrace the Moment


Are you with people? Give them a hearty smile and ask how they´re doing.
Are you alone in nature? Smile to yourself and do your own little happy dance.
Are you on the computer at work? Smile, tell yourself what an amazing job you´ve done today and that you´re going to finish strong.
Are you watching a sunset? Smile, open your heart and let the beauty of the sun fill you up.

sunset france photography art 1617 sunshine ave.jpg


Love the present moment. Because that is all you and I really have. 

Step 3

Let go

Let go of your feelings towards time.

Anger. Stress. Anxiety. Grief. 

Let them go. Breathe. Smile. Know that every moment is beautiful. Some are more beautiful than others, but it´s also those not so beautiful moments, that make us appreciate the really beautiful moments much more.

And every moment has beauty in it. You just have to open your eyes and be brave enough to see it.

Be thankful for what you have. Right now.

And remember:



In the end right now is really all we have, so we might just try to make the best of it. 

Like the dress of your mean coworker? Tell her.
Want to go out with the new boy? Ask him.
Want to finish the book you´re reading? Read.
Want to get fitter? Go workout.
Hungry? Eat.

Life can be so simple.

So beautiful.

Enjoy every moment and make the best of it.

Don´t stress about tomorrow. Let go of yesterday. Breathe, smile and embrace the moment. 

And always remember this:


A happy rest of the week, don´t forget to breathe, smile and be happy that right now is right now.

XO Little Sunshine

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