Why not me? by Mindy Kaling // Book Review

“Why not me?”

Well that is a question I ask myself a lot. You could take it two ways: either Why not me? What am I doing wrong? or Why not me? I´ll just go for it. The title of this book has both of these meanings. I bought the book out of pure curiosity and managed to read on vacation in France at the beginning of this year. Here is my review of the book Why not me by Mindy Kaling. To check out my posts on my adventures in France, click here for Cluny, Taizé, Tournus and the Rock of Solutré! But let´s get reviewing;-)

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The author

Mindy Kaling (37) is an american writer, actor and comedian from Massachusetts. She has her own TV-Show called The Mindy Project.

The book´s content

In her book Why Not Me? she shares her experiences concerning life, love, destiny and friendship, her adventures, misadventures and aha-moments on becoming a Hollywood actress and building, writing and marketing her own show.

She opens up completely to the reader, telling stories about her life at University, finding real friends, getting seduced and then dumped by a fake friend, trying to find her place in Hollywood when no body else looks like her and trying to lose weight without behaving completely different.

Kaling reveals Hollywood’s secrets to looking absolutely hot and stunning in pictures for the reader to try at home (provided that you have a whole camera, lights and makeup-team on hand). She openly spills inside info on her relationship with her ex-boyfriend and close friend, B.J. Novak.

The life of a full-time actor and writer of her own TV show also have a part in her book, in a chapter in which she gives an insight of her daily life, from morning to night. Or rather from 5am to midnight.

The part where she talks about meeting Bradley Cooper and Barack Obama are two of the highlights in the book.

Her style of writing

The book is written to the reader directly. She addresses, asks and talks to the reader as open as to a friend, her relentless honesty and directness concerning all subjects and matters is what kept me reading. I could really relate to what she wrote.


The review part

The book is very fun (be prepared to laugh out loud!) and easy to read, because she writes like she´s talking to you. You literally feel like you are talking and connecting with Mindy, as though she´s becoming someone you really know well. Someone you can easily talk to about all subjects and she´ll tell you her honest opinion, you can sit down and drink wine all evening talking the whole night.

I also found it an educating read. Among a lot of other things I learned about how Hollywood is really on the inside, how hard a job like Mindy´s is and how these perfect model shots are made (spoiler alert: 40 people, 1 model, 100 shots).

Great read for…

I recommend this book to all fans of her work, anyone looking for a fun read during vacation or anyone feeling they need something to make them feel like they´re not alone in life´s trials.

Not so great for…

I don´t necessarily recommend this book to anyone who is unfamiliar with Mindy´s work, who hasn´t watched the Mindy Project or The Office, because she refers a lot to these two shows and it can get hard sometimes to understand the point. But if you want to get to know her and her work anyways the book is a great start!

You should also be familiar with a few names in Hollywood, otherwise you won´t understand a lot of the jokes;-)

All in all this was a very fun, educating and light read, after which I felt like I have a good friend named Mindy. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know if you´ve read the book or if you´re going to read it in the comments! Can´t wait to hear from you!

XO Little Sunshine

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