Standing on the Edge // Travel Tuesday

Today I´m taking it back a bit for this Travel Tuesday post. I´ll be posting more France Posts the next weeks, but I just wanted to take the opportunity to share a photo of mine, which I really love. This is in response to the Daily Post´s Photo Challenge: Edge.


A while back, actually sadly I have to say that a while has become a lot of years…anyways…so some years ago we were touring the United States of America. The South West to be exact. We started in Denver and drove to LA and then San Francisco. A famous tour. Through an amazing country.

A wonderful time in my life. 

We drove a lot in the car. Long times. Three to six hours a day. Some days resting in places. One of the longest time we sat in the car was when we were going through the desert on our way to the Grand Canyon, we´d already stopped at the four corners and Monument Valley and

we just wanted to arrive and get out of the freakin´ car. 

There was a sign to turn right in a few meters which would lead us to the horseshoe bend in only 30 minutes. None of us wanted anything more than to arrive at the Grand Canyon. Delaying this longing for another one and a half hours was something almost no body wanted. I remember someone saying that it would be so worth it and look at that we just took the turn. We trusted that one person.

We just trusted to find something wonderful after sacrificing another hour just getting there. 

Half an hour later we arrived at a crowded parking space in the middle of the desert. I know I wasn´t the most exhilarated, but I got curious and almost ran down the street of sand that led up first and then down.

Leading to the horseshoe bend.

The name alone made this place so special for me. I love horses. One of the most amazing feelings there is on this planet is galloping over a long field or along a beach. But that set aside, another absolutely wonderful feeling is

feeling breath-taken, taken back, astonished, amazed by the magic of nature. 

That is what I felt standing a long way off the edge. The rest came and together we walked all the way to the edge, where it drops down a looong way, approximately 300 meters. There is nothing between the edge of the cliff and the people standing there. It´s practically a free fall.

You can go as far as you like to look at this absolute beauty that is called the magic of nature.  

This photo by me standing at the edge of the cliff looking down was shot with a bit of caution. You can see the edge. I am standing on the edge. That´s as far as I was going to go. Although I went farther a bit later.. Someone else, more brave and crazier than me, went all the way a centimeter off the edge and held the camera off the edge to take a photo. We have both next to each other in our album, but I kind of like the one with the edge better.

It has more dimension, interest and it tells the begging of the story that leads further to the edge and over it… 

the horseshoe bend arizone standing on the edge travel photography.jpg

That was a more story time kind of Travel Tuesday. If you liked it, please let me know by liking, commenting and following me:-) Thanks a lot and until next time!


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