My Fall Bucket List

Happy official second day of Fall!!

Yes, my friends, today is the second official day of this wonderfully colorful season, when the weather get´s colder, the sweaters come out, you can drink tea without sweating madly, everything smells and tastes like pumpkin and everyone is feeling all fuzzy, cozy and warm inside.. well at least that´s me… If you couldn´t tell already, I absolutely LOVE Fall! So I thought it might be a really fun idea to do a Bucket List for this season… ´cause I never do any lists… that was totally a joke! I have so many lists and I´m fairly slow at working them off… Don´t get me wrong, I tick things off, it just takes a while… 

So let´s just take a tiny moment for all the lists I have…
My Life List
My Book List
My Wild List
My Travel Bucket List
and now: My Fall Bucket List

This time I want to complete these 20 things in 60 days. Meaning that I will have checked off everything on that list on November 22nd… I´ll keep you updated of course! Let me know in the comments how I should do that? Post a post every time I complete something? Post a round up of each week? Post photos on my Instagram @littlesunshine01? Definitely let me know!!

Also, I´d love for you to join in and celebrate this season together! You can take this list, or create your own and we´ll all have 20 things to complete in 60 days. Please leave a short comment below letting me know you´re in, so I can cheer you on!

But now, let´s all cuddle up in a blanket with a hot tea, something to write and let´s let Fall inspire us! 

my fall bucket list 20 things in 60 days.jpg

  1. Have a photo-shoot among the falling leaves
  2. carve a super cool jack-o-lantern
  3. Organize a Halloween party
  4. Participate in a costume contest
  5. dress up for halloween
  6. Make Halloween-themed cupcakes
  7. Post halloween candy recipes
  8. Post my top thanksgiving recipes
  9. take a fall foliage drive
  10. bring fresh pie to a neighbor
  11. sip warm apple cider on a porch
  12. get lost in a corn maze
  13. go for a walk on a foggy morning
  14. open the windows to let the crisp air in
  15. jump in a big pile of leaves
  16. go star gazing
  17. Spend “Black Friday” making homemade gifts for loved ones
  18. Bake an apple pie–with a flaky, light, delicious crust–from scratch.
  19. Find a foolproof recipe for a crock-pot meal or a hearty soup
  20. post that recipe

Download the list in PDF here.


What´s on your fall bucket list? 


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