A stop in Cahors, France // Travel Tuesday

On my trip through France, I came by the city of Cahors driving from Sarlat to Toulouse. For this travel Tuesday I´m taking you with me to look at the city from above, through facts and of course from the city´s ground as well! (If you missed my last Travel Tuesday Post: Standing on the Edge, don´t worry, just click here to read it now! Psst, it´s a personal (hopefully inspirational) travel story..)

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Cahors is located in the region Languedoc-Roussillon-Midi-Pyrénées. You probably didn´t know that…;-) and you don´t really need to remember that. It´s such a long name.. the French love long names. Anyways, the administration office of the Departement Lot is here. For more info on what the French Departements are, a little bit of politics and a lot of history, read this post!


This is Cahors most famous brigde. There is a legend that the devil helped build it… 

The region is known for it´s good wine. Cahors for it´s Cathedral, it´s bridges and the iconic fact that it´s practically built in the loop of a river.
Cahors has around 20.000 inhabitants – so cute, right!?

Two of the iconic bridges.

We were driving to Toulouse, from Cognac, and wanted to stop real quick to take a look from the point on top of a little hill/mountain where you can see the whole city.

Our France tour guide book said that this was the most beautiful view in the region, so we wanted to take a look to see if that´s true… take a look for yourself!


It was quite a wonderful sight. So I´d probably agree that it´s the most beautiful view of the Region. All in all, I find the view over Florence more beautiful, but that is just my taste. For the photos of Florence, Italy, click here!


After staying a while up there, taking in the view, we got back in the car to drive to Toulouse finally. There was a turn to Cahors City right, Toulouse straight on. The person driving (I literally do not remember who was driving at that moment…) asked if (s)he should turn right. Nobody answered. Seconds past. We stood there at the crossing of the roads. A car stopped behind us. We hadn´t talked about this. Do we turn right? Or go straight on?


“Yes or no?”
“Yes.” That was me.
“Just turn right already!” I thought that probably I´d never see Cahors, if we didn´t turn right there. Carpe diem. Seize the day.
We were so close to this city and why not take a quick look!? One hour. That´s it. Plus the cathedral is very famous for it´s architecture and art historical value and why not take a chance. If not now, when then?!

The doors to the Cathedral of Cahors.

So we turned right. Nobody protested.

A look up the front of the Cathedral.

We walked to the cathedral (very famous art historical sight!!), stayed a bit in there and walked for 15 minutes through town and then continued our trip to Toulouse. I enjoyed it a lot. The city has such a cute vibe to it.

Inside the Cathedral…

That was our stop in Cahors. I do NOT regret saying to turn right. It was so worth it.

Always remember: If there are opportunities in life, which don´t cost you a lot of unnecessary stress, take them!

Have you ever been in such a situation where you had to decide in a matter of seconds? Comment below!

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