Here are the top 12 essentials you need for Fall

Here are the top 12 things you need to make this Fall absolutely amazing!


The first leaves are falling where I live and temperatures are slowly changing.. So since I already posted a Fall Post – my Fall Bucket List (btw. I´m totally busy completing it!) – I thought it might be fun to follow that up with another fall post. So what better time of year is there to start changing up a few things…getting cozier…warmer…more stylish… so I thought I´d share my Fall essentials with you! Just little things from food, to fashion, to home decor and beauty that make me more excited for this time of year:-)

Btw.: Some of these photos aren´t my own, some are. I always put the link to the original photo in the caption…(if I used a photo I don´t own) I´m working on my photography skills..maybe one day my photos will look as good… 

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But now let´s get to it:

12 essentials you need for this year´s fall-time

#1 Tea

tea-is-a-fall-essentialPhoto Credit

In the Fall time I slowly start to switch from smoothies to teas. Don´t get me wrong, I still drink smoothies, just not that often anymore. I rather like to opt for a good warm tea, which is totally amazing for your digestive system by the way;-)

#2 Cinnamon everything


If Fall were a flavor, it´d be cinnamon. I like to add cinnamon to almost everything in the fall time to get my taste buds in the mood. Apple with cinnamon, juice with cinnamon, porridge with cinnamon… My go-to recipe is still my fall apple, cinnamon porridge. Go check it out here and get cookin´! (right after you read this post!;-))

#3 Pumpkins and hearty food 


Fall – the season of the pumpkins. It´s true! When Fall starts you see pumpkins in all kind of sizes and shapes everywhere…. which is great, because I like pumpkins.. I´m currently working on some recipes using pumpkin, so those will be up soon (get excited!!). Pumpkins are not the only things that make Fall Food so amazing..every food or dish that is warm and hearty is a cozy welcome in this time of year. No more breaking out in sweat after a warm meal…no, totally not guilty of that…(just kidding). I love to make my own vegetarian Lasagna pretty much all through Fall and Winter, sometimes into Spring as well… I posted the recipe I use on this blog, you can check it out here! I´m thinking about adding some pumpkin next time I make my lasagna to make it more fall-ish! I´ll let you know how that turns out;-)

#4 Scented candles


These are an absolute must for me! When it gets darker earlier you want to have something to light up the darkness and make everything smell cozy, right?!

#5 Dark red nail polish

The fall season calls for dark red nail polish. Seriously, what says more “yay fall!” than that?!

#6 Dark lipstick


Rocking my lipstick like beyoncé…well almost.. Photo Credit

This is not for everyone, but I am a person who likes to wear dark lipstick which in the summer time is not so fitting, so I´m totally thrilled to great the season with a burgundy, berry or purple lip! Comment below what your favorite lipstick color is in the Fall?!

#7 Deep Moisturizing Cream

When the summers gone and everything gets colder your skin needs extra care. I like to use a deep moisturing cream in the winter time to keep my skin from giving up on me;-)

#8 Booties

When it rains more often those sneakers won´t do their job anymore, nor will those ballet flats, which means it´s time to wear booties again!

#9 Cozy sweaters

black and white pullover2
This was my absolute favorite sweater last year and I think it will continue to be my favorite this year;-)

Along with booties go cozy, if possible oversized sweaters. Wearing a cozy sweater makes me so fuzzy and happy inside that I can´t wait for those cold fall and winter nights.

#10 Sweatpants

By that I don´t mean your workout gear, which are basically the pants you sweat in… I mean those fuzzy, comfy, warm pyjama type pants you practically wear all winter, starting in Fall!

#11 New Pillows 

fall-pillows-fall-essentialsPhoto Credit

..preferably in fall colors…or just fuzzy pillows…or glitter ones… there are a lot of options! But for me I find that nothing transforms a room so quickly as a few new pillows! I make a lot of my pillows myself, so if you want to learn how to make yours yourself as well, just click like and comment!

#12 Fairy lights

fairy-lights-fall-essentialsPhoto Credit

Seriously, what is a Fall themed room without some proper fairy lights?! They just set the mood like nothing else.

That was it, my long, long list. Can you tell I´m excited for Fall!?

What are your Fall essentials? 

XO Little Sunshine

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