I’ve got American Love // Travel Tuesday

For this Travel Tuesday I wanted to show you a song that moves me every time I hear it. It speaks from my heart. Is stuck in my head all day. And makes my soul warm and fuzzy.

I am not from America. My origins are in Europe. But I still feel like I am partly american. Mostly american?
I spent part of my life there.
I love to speak English.
Write English. (If you haven´t noticed;-)).
Read English.
I had to leave the US at a rather young age, meaning I grew up in Europe, but that time back then is still today such a visible memory and has remained one of the most beautiful times in my life.

It left a visible trace.

I had the time of my life in America. I have friends there. I have memories there. My heart belongs there. I am going to come back there.

This song is my heart crying and screaming to go back, while being wrapped up in warm memories of the past.

We´ve got the kind of love, a blind man can see… oh yes, this love is so vivid ..

With you I can be wild… oh those wild and crazy times!

We move like the wind in Chicago… how I love the wind in Chicago. When it´s windy wherever I am, I just need to close my eyes and I feel Chicago.


We fall like the rain in Seattle… how badly I want to feel the rain on my face as I look up in the grey sky of Seattle. I´ve never actually been there, but it´s on my list;-)

We found our hearts in San Francisco… the memories are so vivid from my time there. The steep streets, the houses.. the bridge in fog..

We stay cool like Alaska...actually I would, but my heart is so warm right now..

We´ve got American Love. That is definitely the case… yes, doctor… that pounding in my heart is my desire to go back. No sickness..

I love Europe. But I miss America and my American Love is greater I fear…

Do you have American Love?

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I am a nature-loving, reading and writing sport-freak with a passion for traveling, foreign countries and history. Besides that I love to listen to music, sing along, paint, sketch, draw, photograph literally anything and everything, talk a lot, laugh more, inspire people and enjoy life one day at a time.

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