Unexpected honesty: Three words that changed my day // Wisdom Wednesday

When I was in Munich for the Oktoberfest – no worries, there´ll be a post on that up soon;-) – someone said one sentence to me, consisting of three words and those words changed not only my whole day, but more than that! Let me explain..

But before that: Did you notice this is called “Wisdom Wednesday”? Yep. Another column for you. A piece of wisdom packed into a post for you every week on Wednesday! Let´s get you inspired! I´m sticking to my three days a week for now: Travel Tuesday, Wisdom Wednesday and Sunny’s Sweet Sunday. If you have any requests or ideas, be sure to leave them in the comments!:-)
Now let´s get into this story! Enjoy!


Before going to the Oktoberfest we wanted to get something to eat first, so we wouldn´t go there all starved and have to spend so much money on food – which can get very expensive. So I volunteered to go to the grocery´s store.

I took a bike and off I went. 

Driving there I had to pass next to a gate. I could´ve gone around, but I chose the shortcut. The place between the gate and a large bush was very little and there was an elder lady on her way through. Very slowly. Taking her time.

On the other side of the gate a father wanted to pass through with his daughter as well. The girl on his shoulders looked like a little angel.

Imagine a six year old, golden-blonde curly hair. Curious, observing eyes. 


Photo CreditJust like me when I was very little, only that my hair was straight. I had to think of that. Plus the fact that I also loved sitting on my Dad´s shoulders, so I spontaneously had to smile at her…

…completely sunken in thoughts of the past. 

The elderly woman had passed almost all the way through. I waited to let the father through first, but he mentioned that I go. So slowly I went to stand behind the woman, since there was still not enough space for me to pass through. Patiently I waited. 

And noticed the little girl staring at me with very interested eyes. I smiled at her once more. And at her Dad as well, who was waiting as patiently as me.

Just as I moved an inch further, the girl opened her mouth looking at me with the most honest eyes I have ever seen and said three very simple words.

My heart skipped a beat.

I was surprised. Pleasantly. Taken aback. Happily.

My mouth opened to a wide smile revealing my teeth, that made her grin as well. I returned those three words as quickly as I could, adding that I absolutely love her hair, smiling a smile straight from my heart. 

Her father smiled at me as well and I grinned back.

That could just as well be my Dad.. he used to fool around with me so much… 😉 But this photo is not mine, here is the PhotoCredit.

Those words we so honest fleeing that little mouth, so light and lovely. There was nothing forced or false about it. Just a little angle saying what she was thinking. Which made me so flattered, happy and got me totally by surprise.

When I finally was able to pass through I waved goodbye, still grinning. When I looked back a last time, the little angle was still looking at me. Fascinated.

My heart was light, my cheeks aching from grinning so broadly as I flew along on my bike. 

In the grocery´s store I grinned at everyone who passed by, getting some smiles back.

I have thought so many times back to this scenario. Hearing her voice again and again. Trying as hard as I could to believe what she said. She was honest. I should believe her. Be more gentle to myself. I am giving myself a hard time, when I shouldn´t.

I need to listen to the advice and wisdom of a child.
Take her words to heart. Accept them. Not turning them down. Or questioning them.

I have thought about the power of words. What they can do when they are used right. 

She changed the perspective of myself. Of what I see in the mirror. So little, but so much to make me think again.

In case you are still wondering…

…the words she used were: “Du bist schön” which means “You are beautiful” in German.

You are beautiful, you, who is reading this.
From the inside and out.
Know that.
And also know what power so little honest words can have when they come unexpected.
Use them right.


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4 thoughts on “Unexpected honesty: Three words that changed my day // Wisdom Wednesday

    1. So happy you loved it:-)
      It was just such a wonderful moment. Yes, totally! That is what I love so much about children, that unfiltered honesty, like you said.
      We should definitely all learn from her:-)
      Speaking of which I think you are such a strong, ambitious runner, it´s very inspiring reading your work!

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