BOOnanas // Healthy Halloween Treats

To continue with my little Healthy Halloween Treats series, we’re making BOOnanas today. Practically cute banana ghosts!


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There is actually a little story that goes along with making this: I went to the store to buy everything I need for the next projects, including this one. I also went to several other stores just getting everyday things. At home I was totally exhausted and just wanted to get baking. So I started and when I was at the part where the chocolate was supposed to be smooth to coat the bananas, the chocolate just decided to do it’s own thing and just crumble. There was literally nothing I could do. I tried liquifying it with adding coconut oil, but that didn’t work, so I ended up going to the store again to buy another kind of chocolate… and I ate the cut banana… Which made things better, since I didn’t want to leave the house again and the banana gave me the extra push.;-)
End of story.
Not so exciting. But I just thought that I’d share with you that for me not everything works at the first try.. so be patient with yourself as well;-) and eat a banana…it helps calm your nerves!

But now let’s get to this super easy recipe!


What you’ll need

  • bananas
  • (white) chocolate
  • Chocolate Chips (or food coloring)
  • little wood sticks


Cut a banana in half in the middle, then slice it again from one end to the other to create the bodies of your Ghosts.

You can either make your own chocolate or buy some from the store. You can make your ghosts brown, black, white or any color you desire! I chose to stick with white.

Either way make sure the chocolate is liquid. I used a water bath to liquify mine.

Then either bathe the banana in the chocolate until it’s covered or smother it on with a knife. You want both sides fully coated. Stick in a little wood stick on the bottom so you can carry and eat the ghosts better later on.

When you got that you can either add two chocolate chips for the eyes and a half one for the mouth or you can draw a face on with food coloring or food markers. But I’d recommend sticking to chocolate chips as my food coloring was a little bit too runny…

Put in the fridge so the chocolate can harden and enjoy!!



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