The Peak Of Realization

To climb a mountain is like to slowly progress on something beautiful in life that you continuously put a lot of effort in. Yet, you only realize how beautiful it actually is when you succeed. And how unimportant everything else.

All worries disappear, everything seems so small from up here.

That is my opinion of hiking in a nutshell. All original quotes by the way:-)

little sunshine profile walchensee

Hiking is one of my absolute favorite things to do in the summer time. I love being out in nature, breathing some fresh air, sweating my way up the mountain and enjoying the views. Especially also taking in the change of mindset when one progresses upwards and then finally stands at the top, the world stretching beneath ones feet.

So giant. But also so tiny. So immeasurable. Yet so easy to overview.

all worries disappear, everything seems so small from up here hiking reflection thoughts

I adore the hike up and I cherish the time being at the highest point. I never want to leave. It’s like a giant magnet that won’t release me. I’m banned in the beauty. In the thoughts. In the absoluteness.

When I then must go down, I am usually very happy. I’m zen. Like in a state post-meditation, when I open my eyes and heart to take in everything the last time. To treasure it in my heart’s storage of beautiful memories. The way down I recap and reflect on thoughts I had the way up and standing at the top. I usually go all the way to reflecting on life itself.

The moment I stand at the bottom again I always look back up. At what I’ve achieved, in the sense of getting my butt up and down a giant piece of stone.

The perfect hiking day for me ends with a long swim in a nearby lake, where my body and soul get to relax and refuel completely. My meditation practice comes to an end and I am just the most happy, zen, relaxed person there is on this planet. I rest in myself like I rarely do in everyday life. Hiking just completely transforms me. I turn into a relaxed person, taking in everything around her, being grateful for every flower and rock I see, every wave my body gets to experience, every drop of sweat it took me to get up, every second I’m alive.

It’s absolutely crazy, because in everyday life when it’s not easy, I try to block out negative things happening and focussing on the positives. I sometimes don’t see the full picture until I lie in bed late at night and everything comes crashing back.

view over the walchensee bavaria hiking reflection

Hiking is different. I see everything, take in everything and cherish every little thing. I see the whole picture of the world – if you’ll go with me to exaggerating this bit.  I get a feeling for what’s important and what’s not. Anger flies away with the next breeze stroking my tiny sweaty wet hairs off my forehead and forgiveness swaps over me like the next little wave on its way towards shore.

That was an expression of my thoughts, after hiking the Herzogstand in Bavaria.

Please tell me in the comments what you thought of this post and if you can relate in any way? Also, have you ever been hiking in Bavaria?

xo little sunshine

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4 thoughts on “The Peak Of Realization

  1. What a lovely post! I´ve been to some Bavarian cities as a tourist but never hiked there, which after reading your reflections on hiking, nature, mountains and “zen” made me realize I probably haven´t seen Bavaria at all… Walks with nature also give me these positive vibes! Thanks for the inspiration 😉

    Anna /

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    1. Thank you 🙂
      Oh yes you really need to visit the Bavarian Alps! hahaha well you’ve seen about 1/4 of what Bavaria has to offer if you’ve seen the cities, the other 3/4 are the nature in the alps, which make Bavarians proud to be Bavarians ;-P
      I’d love to hear your experience once you’ve been there, if you agree with me about the 1/4, 3/4!?
      All the best to you, fellow nature-lover 🙂


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