Photo Diary: A Day In Hamburg

Photo Diary- A Day in Hamburg (2).pngAs a German living in Germany you should’ve seen most of the big cities, been there several times, know the deal with them. So I was ashamed to keep saying when someone asked me: “No, I’ve never been to Hamburg. I’ve seen half of the USA though…” The last part impressed most people, so I got away rather well, but the truth that I’d really never been there shocked a lot and lastly, it shocked me, too.

So spontaneously I decided on paying Hamburg a visit this summer. Since I newly have a friend in that region, whom I haven’t seen after we met the first time this April, I decided on visiting her. Well that’s what I did. I booked a ticket on the train there, packed my things and off I went.

Because she lives almost an hour out of town, we only stayed in Hamburg for a day. We drove there first thing in the morning and came back late at night. We didn’t do a lot of touristy things. Mostly we just let ourselves go from place to place where we felt like going. We did some girly things, like shoe shopping for dancing shoes, having a blast exploring Finnish decor and buying supplies for making jewelry. Of course we saw some monuments as well. And we visited the art gallery.

Personally, I found Hamburg to be a gigantic city with its own individual charme. The houses are gigantic for thinking you are in northern Germany at the moment, but most of them are made out of the brick of the region, which is why advertising on them is strictly forbidden. This just adds to the specific charme. As well as the canals you have to cross constantly or you find yourself walking along. So much water is a bliss for my soul! To the people, they were quite friendly, but the city was very much crowded with tourists, so you like that you couldn’t meet a lot of locals. Only when you went outside of town, like I did to visit the sister of my friend, you could meet them. And they were super fun and friendly. I even learned a couple of words “Plattdeutsch”, which is the most funny sounding German accent there is! It’s so different and funny sounding that most Germans speaking fluently and perfectly German, don’t understand a thing.

Spiegel Building Hamburg Photography
The SPIEGEL Building (a german political magazine)- I was blown away by the size of this thing..
Typerwriter blind stick installation Hamburg Art Gallery
An Installation in the Hamburg Art Gallery: these typewriters on the ceiling actually started typing suddenly when we stood in the room just looking at it- shock of my life..
La femme Hamburg Art Gallery
A whole wall of little quotes on the topic “women” – I kinda liked them 🙂
Story Photography Art Gallery Hamburg Photo Diary Stroy
What do you think happened before this picture was taken? Comment down below!
Brick Buildings Hamburg Alster Elbe
The red city

Brick Buildings Hamburg Alster Elbkanal Germany

Hamburg Architecture
On top of the roofs of Hamburg…
Hamburg Houses Mia Elbkanal
There is literally water everywhere in this city.. btw that’s my lovely friend from the north 🙂
Architecture in Hamburg Germany Photography
Architectual bliss…

Alster Hamburg Shopping Mall Luxury

City Hall Hamburg
The City Hall of Hamburg

Hope you liked that Photo Diary!
Have you ever been to Hamburg? Comment down below!

xo little sunshine

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12 thoughts on “Photo Diary: A Day In Hamburg

    1. Yes, I can!! Finally! No more shame 🙂
      There is quite a lot of water there, due to the river Elbe upon which a lot of humongous ships ship goods overseas, hence Hamburg has the biggest haven in all of Germany 😉

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    1. Oh yes, finnish decor is so chic, that store was literally decor heaven – so sad that I was only travelling with a small suitcase and by train..I would’ve bought so much otherwise 🙂

      Which quotes do you mean? The ones on each photo?


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