How I Overcame The Fear Of Swimming In The Ocean At Night

“Swim in the sea at night and look up at the stars”

Number four of my Life List was one thing that when I wrote it two years ago I was kind of afraid of actually doing it. I mean it sounded extremely romantic, but also very, very scary.
I thought of the dark, not being able to see what’s beneath my feet. Scared on stepping on something. Scared of the dark unknown I was going to put my body into. Scared of jellyfishes. Scared of slipping off a rock in the dark and hurting myself. Scared of… well just everything about it.

But.. it still kind of fascinated me. The thought of looking up at the stars while swimming in the sea. The thought of conquering my fright of it and feeling the rush of excitement. Feeling the magic of the moment.

I was terrified of actually doing it, but fascinated by the idea. So naturally, I put it off for “later”. 

Little did I know that “later” would be much sooner than expected.

Later was in fact this summer. Of which I spent a week in Croatia with all my girls ;-P (I already posted a post on one of our days kayaking and exploring Poreč.)

Well sometime at the beginning of the trip someone suggested going skinny dipping in the dark.

That’s totally quoting Katy Perry…

Most of us were like “wow that’s super crazy, I’m in.” – that’s just our group dynamics… you got something absolutely lunatic to do?! alright, count me in!!…
although usually we don’t always end up doing everything we say.

So this time we agreed, thinking we were actually never going to do it. So did I.
I thought like, yeah it’d be cool, but we’d never actually get to doing it.

Boy, or rather, girl! Did I underestimate us…

We talked about where exactly we’d go swimming in the night all week long. But day after day we didn’t do it.

Then on the last night.. it was about 11pm, someone was like “heck, guys, this is the last night, let’s go…”

…”It’s now or never.” 

Soooo sensing the atmosphere, we quickly got into our bikinis, put our clothes back on over the swimwear, grabbed a towel and off we were.

We’d spontaneously decided on the beach across the tiny peninsula, as there was normal sand to walk into the water, not big rocks. Yet, the main point of argument were the sea urchins. I’d stepped in one of them on the first day, because they weren’t even visible with bright daylight! We weren’t going to risk going in there at night. Especially not because the giant rocks were slippery. My worst fears…remember?

But the little beach on the other side of the peninsula would be safe. No slippery rocks. No painful sea urchins. Just smooth trustworthy sand.

Halfway there, I looked up at the dark star bedazzled sky thinking that this is what it must feel like to be alive.

To be a little scared. But mostly excited and happy to be crossing something off my life list with so many of my favorite people around me.

Just at that moment a giant shooting star crossed the sky. From left to right. On the exact spot where I had my eyes fixed on.

It was magical. 

I closed my eyes and made my wish.

We arrived at the little beach and just as we stepped out in the clearing, out of the trees…

…we heard a loud whistle and a giant bang. We looked up and saw..

…a giant firework start just in front of us on the end of the jetty.

I am not even joking. This is a true story guys, every detail of it.

All of the lovely firework photos were taken by one of my wonderful friends, who had a phone on her to take some incredible pics!

We were very taken aback. Shocked. Surprised. At first intimidated. But then one of my friends, the very spiritual one, cried out loud:

“This is a sign guys. This is a sign that we should be doing this.”

That was when you could not only see the refection of the fireworks in our eyes, but a similar, more intense sparkle. It really was magical. Moving. I’m always moved by fireworks, but this was a whole other dimension. And this specific firework was one of the most beautiful ones I’ve ever seen. Not kidding. The 4th of July in Chicago was magnificent…but between those two it’s probably a tie. That’s how beautiful it was.


We had an exhilerated girl group hug and when the firework ended, we were still standing there, gaping like little kids. But then we remember what we came for and started running down the beach straight into the water.

Wow, those feelings…that was…

Pure happiness. Mixed with exhilarated excitement. Topped with sophisticated contentedness and a large dash of the freeing feeling of being alive. 

That’s what it felt like, taking long strokes in the dark black water. The water which caressed my skin and felt like an endless silk blanket, cozily wrapping itself around me. It washed away all doubt. Filled me up with gratitude for the moment.

The endless ocean of stars looked down on us.
The jellyfish looked up on us, stroking our skin every now and then. And that was totally fine with me. Over the last days I’d really accepted them. Especially knowing they weren’t going to hurt us in any way even if they tried. And having played with them a bit when snorkeling I knew they wouldn’t try.

It was such an incredible experience. I conquered all my fears and got such an incredible and wonderful experience in return.

In the end it might have been skinny dipping. It might have not been.

But what it definitely was…

A time I’ll never forget.

And a point crossed off my life list!!!

I encourage you today: write yourself a list of things you want to do in your life, no matter how crazy, how scary, how insane or unrealistic. And then take one of those and set out to do it.

Just don’t think too hard about it.

Get out and do it. 

You won’t regret a thing. Trust me.
Just be safe … speaking of slippery stones and painful acquaintances with the inhabitants of the sea… find a way to make it work and life will reward you for it. It did for me.

Good luck!


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