20 books in 2020 – Diary of a busy bee

I used to be a huge bookworm, back in the day in my early teens, when schoolwork was done in less than an hour, school generally ended earlier and there was no such thing as Netflix. Well, hence I had a lot more time on my hands.
I would sit in my hammock chair, which was attached to the bottom of my high bunk bed, for hours on end reading novel after novel. A few times, I sat there so long, forgetting what time it was, where I was and who I was, that when I got up, I just fainted. True story. (Also, don’t worry about me, this happened years and years ago and hasn’t happened since.) But a lot has happened since.

First of all, I don’t have a bunk bed anymore, which means no hammock. Which sucks. I miss my hammock.

And well, generally: I just grew up.

I had to learn that apparently that means spending time managing your survival and your acceptance in society, all whilst trying to be somewhat good at uni.
Correct me if I’m wrong, but all the paperwork, paying rent, doing laundry, cooking day in day out… is a handful.

Also: Uni. I mean, I probably just chose the wrong subject, because my non-uni friends aren’t complaining about Uni being so effing tough and time consuming. But well, here I am, studying my a** off (exuse the term), spending my life in a library (pre corona shutdown, obviously) and trying to stay socially acceptably groomed when I do get to see non-uni friends or family.

Well, what I’m saying is my life got hectic. And in that hectic, a non-uni (sorry if I keep calling them that, but it’s just to clarify, because my uni friends are on the same page as I am, same survival studying) – anyways, one non-uni friend, a really good friend, reached out to be to ask if I wanted to go to this thing called “Lit.Love” in November where apparently people go to get their books signed, participate in workshops and hear snippets of books read to them by the author.

Against what I was indending to do, which was cancel and say no… I said yes. I was in town that weekend, so why not. Being open-minded here, people.

Long story short: we ended up going and the opposite of what I expected, which was along the lines of boring and “kitsch”, ended up happening… I absolutely loved the experience. I even went home with three signed books, which I started devouring a few days later. I also made a promise to myself and that good friend of mine to return next year.
That good friend is called Steffi by the way and has a wonderful Instagram page dedicated to – you guessed it – books, so if you have the time, go check her out!

The first book I got at the event is called “Ophelia Scale”. It’s a trilogy, which was so captivating, I somehow made time to read all three books in a matter of two weeks… next to everything else that was going on! Wow.. I know, right?!
The second book I got signed (“Mein Leben basiert auf einer wahren Geschichte” by Anne Freytag) I read shorty after that …

and ever since: I have just continued to read.

Well, and I have continued buying books. My wallet somewhat dissapproves, but I mean, books don’t count in a budget, right?

So when 2020 rolled around, in the midst of all the “New Year, New You” craziness, I though what a phenomenal thing it would be to read 20 books in 2020, 21 in 2021, 22 in 2022 and so on.

Well… I have not yet come to regret that decision. But it has been challenging to try to keep reading through the exams for Uni.

But for me to stay on track and maybe inspire one or two of you to also read more, I decided to document which books I read and how I liked them.
Some of the books I read are in german and only exist in Germany, but I guess most of them are in english.

If you are german, I now have a lovelybooks page called “cathy01” where I post my reviews in my native tongue.
If you are not, I am contemplating on sharing reviews on my blog as well. Please let me know in the comments, if that is something you’d be interested in. 🙂

Apart from that, I will have a list of the books I finished in 2020 here, along with my tiny list of books of 2019, because that was the year I started to read again… well I started to read again in November… I didn’t wait for New Year to begin. (*Inserts tossing hair emoji*)
Anyways, here it is. Don’t judge me, by the way, my book choices are all over the place, as I’m trying to stay open-minded, whilst in the search of good books from all kinds of genres.


  1. 10 blind dates by Ashley Elson
  2. Normal people by Sally Rooney (pending… well currently reading)
  3. One True Queen by Jennifer Benkau
  4. One True Queen 2 by Jennifer Benkau
  5. Neon Birds by Marie Grasshof


  1. Komisch alles chemisch by Dr. Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim
  2. Bye Bye Pille by Isabel Morelli
  3. Hautklar by Sina Oberle
  4. Ruhm by Daniel Kehlmann
  5. Ophelia Scale – Die Welt wird brennen by Lena Kiefer
  6. Ophelia Scale – Die Sterne werden fallen by Lena Kiefer
  7. Ophelia Scale – Der Himmel wird beben by Lena Kiefer
  8. Mein Leben basiert auf einer wahren Geschichte by Anne Freytag

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