Thinking Of You // Travel Tuesday

Thinking of you,
lost in the memories,
stuck in dreams,
that won´t come true.
Thinking of you,
make it stop,
say something,
because I´m still

Thinking of you…
a poem about my thoughts of you sitting at the ocean in le Cap, D’Agde in France..

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To call or not to call, that is the question

I have another poem for you. To call or not to call, that is the question. Enjoy! To call or not to call that is the question do I risk it all or remain the same? what is there to lose? nothing? love? friendship? should I call, or not? I want to but I´m afraid […]

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Once again alone and hurt (Poem)

Beating music, my heart in sync with the base of the song. I feel the rush, of living, loving the moment. My heart beating, to the melody of the song. Suddenly, cheers, and tears of joy, jumping up and down. Together again. I should be happy, I should be proud, but all I can feel, […]

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