The Peak Of Realization

To climb a mountain is like to slowly progress on something beautiful in life that you continuously put a lot of effort in. Yet, you only realize how beautiful it actually is when you succeed. And how unimportant everything else. All worries disappear, everything seems so small from up here. That is my opinion of hiking […]

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Refuelling Simplicity // Travel Tuesday

Refuelling simplicity, by walking with you in the wonders of nature.
Old thoughts,
new energy.
Old times,
new perspective.
I stand here,
with you,
letting things go,
treasuring future memories,
this beauty and you.

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Thinking Of You // Travel Tuesday

Thinking of you,
lost in the memories,
stuck in dreams,
that won´t come true.
Thinking of you,
make it stop,
say something,
because I´m still

Thinking of you…
a poem about my thoughts of you sitting at the ocean in le Cap, D’Agde in France..

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